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Here you can view or download the E-BE Project 12-week Study Guide documents.

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Six Steps Toward Joy:                    1. Surrender to the Moment: Suspend all JUDGMENT and EXPECTATIONS. Open to receive the gifts and lessons in self-aware-ness that each moment holds. Transcend polarity thinking & seek the gift. What can I learn from this that will take me to higher levels of self-awareness?

Six Steps Toward Joy With Others:  1. Own Your OWN STUFF: When bothered, BREATHE, find the STILL POINT within, gently ask your Soul for solutions, and refrain from complaining and expecting others to resolve your issues. You have the power within to “unbother yourself” to restore joy, without violating the boundaries of others. Be assertive with others and lovingly ask them not to dump their “stuff” on you, reminding them of their power to create joy. Am I “dumping my stuff” on others right now? Am I allowing others to drain me by “dumping their stuff” on me? What are the real issues?

(Taken from Angelic Realities handbook, pages 78-80. ©)