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If you would like to lead a study group, and  learn and grow with your study group members, please read the "Responsibilities of Behavior" and then register below.

NOTE: If you are an Amenti Class (or any subsequent global outreach project class) student, or interested in participating as a student, please do not register. This registration is for Study Group Leaders only. To participate as a student, join a study group in your area or do the Self-Study Course.

Amenti Project is on hold until further notice.



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Attitudes of Mastery:            10. FEARLESSNESS — Recognizing the Eternal Infinite Nature and Unconditional Love of the ALL-ONE-ness.
Responsibilities of Mastery:  10. CONSERVATION: Conservation is a form of respect and appreciation for God Source energy in all of its expressions, from conserving and protecting our natural resources, to being attentive to the needs of our bodies, to using the energies of our words and actions with gentle conservation by which we freely use what is needed, but not more. God Source continually recycles its energies for the rebirth of new expression. All is given freely, but no thing is valueless or wasted. Conservation demonstrates that we have respect and appreciation for the gift of creative energy that God Source has provided to us. As we learn to use this energy, in all its forms, with respect and clear intention, we will progressively fine tune our ability to create what we desire, and in this process assist all other beings to do the same. There is truth in the old saying "Waste Not, Want Not." If everything we perceive in our hologram of life is understood to be manifestations of God Source, we might all employ a bit more respect, appreciation and conservation toward the use and applications of the energies of the Divine.