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The Freedom Teachings demonstrate, and in substantial detail, that the connection between Science and Spirituality, the relationship between Energy and Consciousness, between Light and Sound, is the basis of all Creation (Keylontic Science). This knowledge is the foundation of the Framework of Reality inherent to the FT’s.

The same truth that makes ‘human beings’ tick, is the same truth that explains the 15 dimensional structure of the Universe and holds the key to the structure of our own, personal  multi-dimensional anatomy.

Understanding these things is what will set you free. Understanding the nature of Multi-dimensional structure provides the platform for understanding your own multi-dimensional anatomy. In utmost respect to the Principle of Oneness, this is how we can understand the workings and manifest expression of ‘Source’, of Energy as Consciousness.

The inherent motivation of Creation is for Source, through sentient life, to know and grow itself to ever increasing extent and degree. The relationship of all sentient life forms to these evolutionary phenomena is governed by the consequences of free will choice. This Principle was known, and agreed to, by every sentient being at the time of original incarnation.




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