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Azurite Press MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) is an educational resource publishing organization founded upon a commitment to support perspectives of consciousness studies, spiritual development, life empowerment, personal enrichment and environmental responsibility that reflect principles of unified scientific and spiritual paradigms based upon egalitarian, non-denominational, environmentally sensitive Humanitarian Spirituality. Azurite Press supports the propagation, continuation and preservation of ideologies that encourage non-political Environmentalism, Holistic Living and non-hierarchical, dogma-free Spiritual-science paradigms consistent with and complementary to the "Law of ONE" spiritual-science perspective. The "Inner Christos Law of One" perspective respectfully acknowledges the inter-connection, interdependence and intrinsic value of all components of reality and the Living Consciousness, "God-Spirit" or "Inner Christos" alive within all things, promoting affirmative action personal empowerment and environmental appreciation through applied spiritual optimism within a framework of practical realism. With foundations firmly rooted in love-based egalitarian spiritual humanitarianism, the Law of One paradigm incorporates exploration of Unified Field Physics, Quantum theory and ancient Light-Sound-Scalar-wave, Merkaba Mechanics and Esoteric sciences into intelligent investigation of holistic spiritual psychology, physiology, theology, sociology and cosmological principles.

Azurite Press MCEO is dedicated to providing state of the art publications and programs focused upon Consciousness Evolution, Spiritual Development, Holistic Living, Environmental Sustainability, Personal Empowerment and Global Life Enrichment, through which greater harmonious synthesis of the spiritual, psychological, physical and environmental aspects of the human condition can be gained. Azurite Press serves the international community through publication of Educational Resources and sponsorship of Educational Workshops exploring New Frontiers of Self, Science and Spirituality, and through Azurite International Educational Travel Tours fostering personal growth and global healing perspectives in the Inner Christos-Law of One spiritual-science tradition.



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