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The Science and Spirituality of Creation

Following on from the Amenti Series, the Tangible Structure of the Soul and the EBE Projects, the next in the “Projects” series is an exploration of the Science and Spirituality of Creation workshop of September 2003.  At that time, the purpose of this presentation was to make available a clear and coherent summary of the “story so far”, which would bring the information together in one place for existing students and would also assist newcomers in coming up to speed with the most essential aspects of the work.   

Since then, the materials from this workshop have become a major, standard EOMC Maharata Texts Reference work of especial relevance and use to ALL involved in the EOMC Christos Re-alignment Mission. This course is also of crucial fast-track value for new students or for anyone who wishes to gain a solid foundation upon which to grasp the information presented in more recent workshops. The material is especially structured in a way which facilitates deeper understanding of Key Concepts and the essential relationships between them.

Following the success of the Emerald Covenant Masters Planetary Stewardship Program (January 2000 through August 2003) the SSC workshop represents a shift in focus and teaching thrust.  This focus is one which concentrates on the tools and techniques by which Team Indigo will participate fully in The Great Cosmic Healing Cycle to assist in facilitating the New Vision of Co-evolutionary Peace.

Since 1999, the full range of the EOMC Foundation teachings has been presented in hugely detailed content in over 50 different Workshops and more than 1,000 hours of teaching time. To ensure that a most up-to-date and comprehensive platform of understanding was available to ALL, upon which the next significant stage of study could be fully initiated (beginning Kathara Levels 2–3 Phoenix, April 2004), the Guardians determined that it was essential to provide the most succinct and specially structured review of the major themes, principles and precepts of the information presented since Fall 1999.

In addition to the specific topics outlined below, this workshop assists in understanding, in a systematic and comprehensive way, our true purpose in coming into incarnation. This includes a thorough exploration of why it is that we can be of most service to ourselves and others through the empowerment that comes from a sound knowledge of the order of Creation and from using that knowledge to anchor the highest frequencies possible.  In this context it is also important to increase our sense of our history, including a greater awareness of the various races with whom we share existence at this time and of our own part in the contemporary drama.  Another concept which has become increasingly important over the last few years is that of “hosting” and this is explored in depth, as is the Vision Seed of Peaceful Passage, an expression of the Loving Mercy of Source.

Thus, an in-depth study of this presentation and its handbook of charts will provide a firm foundation upon which to follow the more recent dispensations of information and techniques.

The material is presented in 5 Sections: 

1) Cosmic Order –spans the nature of Partiki, the very "stuff of Creation", the nature of Creation as Structure expressed through the nested Kathara Grids which form the Ecka Maps of the God Worlds, up to the nature, role and location of Star Gates throughout this Universe.

2) Personal Interdimensional Anatomy –illustrates the intrinsic relationship between species, planetary, galactic, universal and cosmic grids; the embodied personal "Shields" (or Stargates), the organic flow relationship of Universal Life Force Currents, "Auric Field Levels", Chakra and Hova Body correspondences, the characteristics of the Crystal Seals and relationships to DNA accretion.

3) Primal Life Force Currents –reveals the Interdimensional Frequency Spectra as expressed through the 15 Rays and 12 Domains, revealing the relationship between structure, dimensional levels, Harmonic Universes, frequency characteristics and down to the level of the personal DNA and Kathara Grid Template.

4) The Merkaba Vehicle – this section integrates and expresses the deep significance of the material presented in Sections 1-3, by illustrating the Personal, Multidimensional, Identity levels associated with Merkaba Phases, from the significance of DNA/ Fire Letters to the quintessential importance of the restoration of Organic Flow of Primal Life Force Currents. Crucially, this Section reveals the true nature of Merkabic Spiral Sets, the significance of Star Gate Seals and the stages and processes by which creation of the Ascension vehicle, the Mahunta, 12-Point, 12-Plane Merkaba, can be realized. The Section also presents a detailed introduction to the nature and function of Universal Eternal Life Christiac Merkaba Fields and their explicit relationship to the God Worlds without as well as the God Worlds within – the personal Monadic Atomic Body, Kathara Grids, Lotus Body and Monadic Core Merkaba Fields.

5) The Eternal Flame Body –the "In Breath and Out Breath" of God, the Christos Seed Atom and the all-important relationship to the organic nature of Merkaba Spiral Sets and the personal Radial Bodies. These lead to revelation of the processes of Manifestation, revealing the significance and focus of Flame Body Activations and the relationship to releasing embodied Interdimensional Seals to facilitate the creation of the Cruxansatea triple axis Merkaba and, thus, unrestricted passage through the God Worlds.

In summary, this is the most essential reading-reference work since Voyagers and the Masters Planetary Templar Stewardship Manual.




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