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AMST Course

Legacy of the Lost, Freedoms of the Found, the Milky Way Mysteries, Halls of Records and the “Jesus Codes”. Filmed live, Amsterdam Nov. 2007

Join Team Indigo-Aquafereion in lovely Amsterdam to experience some of the most cosmically profound information delivered so far in the Freedom Teachings. The Friday night orientation set the stage suitably with a lecture on the Ideological Disempowerment & Distorted Vision of Self and Source and the confusing ‘duality of mind and thinking’ ideology that Humans are all raised ‘under’. This amazing lecture was suitably closed with a wonderful summary of the Universal drama that has occurred since 2000 (the fall of the Treaty of Altair) and present-day.

The Saturday lectures include an introduction to the Never Ending Story and the Seeds of Creation, a specific sequence of graphs on the Eternal Krystar Cycle, starting from the crucial 12-Tree Kathara Grid Krist Code. Information also covered included the NaVENa Cycle (NaVANa & NuVANa Cycles), the Primary Movements associated with the 4-Trimester SEda Cycle (leads to the harmonic key cycles) where the Spirit Body is formed, the EtorA Cousha and AdorA KaSha Krystals, the EtorA Ecoushic and AdorA Akashic Record First Cells and the Ecoushic and Akashic Hall of Records.

Sunday’s lectures include information on the beautiful structure of the Eye(s) of God (and the complex quantum of positive and negative G-Forces associated with Etheric, Ketheric, Telluric, Atmic and Keriatric matter), Event Horizons, Time Vectors (upon which Transvector Adjugate [twin] aspects of our anatomy can merge into the Krystar state), the spheres of the EtorA Dha-LA Reisha andAdorA DhaLA Krysta that merge to form the HaRA-Krysta state (not the HaRE-Krish‘na’ –no Kryst- state!) and the Seven Celestalline Suns. There was also exciting information on Natural Adjugate Bonding and Hydrolase Conversion and the Celestalline Wave. “With release of the Celestalline Wave, the EtorA and AdorA Hall of Records (1st 8-Cell Clusters) merge, opening the ‘Halls of REi-Sha-TA’ Eternal Hall of Records within the REi-sha-TA Field of the Eternal E-LUMEir-adhonna Cosmic Spirit Body.” Some wonderful news about the ‘Hidden 7th Line of Jesheua-12’, Great White Buffalo Woman and the special ‘DNA codes’ carried in many of the people in the Amsterdam area. The 6-6-6 BeaST Triangulation, the Procyak False Memory Matrix, the Bloom of Doom, the Black Cube Matrix and the Curse of the YHWH (aka ‘Yod Hey Vod Hey’) Matrix.

Enjoy an absolutely fascinating lecture on the Mysteries of the Milky Way (the M-31 Andromeda Galaxy, Aquaelle Aquinous Ascension Host Universe, their associated Galactic JhA-’ia and Density Jhala’ Suns) and learn exactly where Urtha is and where Earth and our Milky Way came from and how Urtha, our host planet/star, can exist within a Universe that is 2.2 million light years away!

Techniques include: The Ring-1 Access Key Journey; The Jesheua Codes and the Journey to the Core Krystal Krystar Capsule and the ‘Gift of Aquaelle’.





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