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As mentioned in "12-week Format," each Global Outreach Project will correspond directly to a Freedom Teaching workshop/course of Azurite Press. The information on how to purchase the workshop/course corresponding to each Global Outreach Project can be found under "Source Material" Tab, on the project dedicated section, under "Project Shortcut" on the right side.    

This page serves as a recommendation for support material that will enhance and deepen your understanding of the Freedom Teachings, thus fostering genuine and integrated growth of consciousness, awareness, and well-being.

This page will be updated frequently with the Freedom Teachings recommended products of Azurite Press, as the subsequent Global Outreach Projects are progressively launched in 2006.

**Aug 2012 Journey tech needs to be done BEFORE doing any of the techs below, specially the Flame Body Techs. See this post from the AMCC Google Group for further context.

Recommended Material

Note: To purchase these products please visit:, and then choose your ORDERING AREA. There are many Azurite Press Freedom Teachings Products listed in the product page. One easy way to find these products is to use the "find" feature of your browser and then type in the product code!

Product Code is in Dark Blue. CD means it's an Audio CD.


"Basic Techniques" - Recorded for APMCEO  by Rosaleen Tobin, accompanied by Kevin Tobin. List of techniques included: Full Maharic Seal & Liquid Light Cleanse, Maharic Seal - Condensed Version, Maharic Insta Seal, Temporary Maharic Seal, Temporary Maharic Seal Summary, Epsilon Sequence, Astral Body Seal, Song of Orion - Om A Da, Song of Orion - Parts, Maharata Bi Vectos Invocation + Translation, Song of Lyra, I Am Prayer - Spoken, I Am Prayer - Sung, AM/PM Grids, The Vectos Invocation. A must have for all new comers!


"Cue Zone Techniques" - Recorded for APMCEO by Rosaleen Tobin - List of Techniques Included: Maharic Quick Seal, Declaration, Maha Bi Vectus, Veca Code Instructions, Cue Zone - Master Psonns, Cue Zone - Suffixes, Cue Zone - Christos Soul Song, Cue Zone - Back Song, Cue Zone - Suffixes, Sacred Salutations, Song of Orion, Building the Indigo Trion Field, Song of Lyra, I Am Prayer, Tech 5A - Activating Doradic Current, Tech 5B - Awakening the Ka, Tech 5C - Emerald Awakening, Tech 5D - Activating the KeeRaShA, Tech 5E - Activating the Ra Center, Tech 6 - The Amethyst Awakening.  Great for new starters!


Essential Newcomers Techniques. For newcomers to GA Emerald Order teachings there are certain energetic-frequency related necessities (foundation activations) without which other Techniques, such as AF/CDT above, would be substantially ineffective, if not a total waste of time. A brief period working with the most fundamental of all techniques, the Maharic Seal, together with optical-pineal induction of Phase I High Veca Codes, the Emerald & Amethyst Awakening Activation and the parallel transition to the Eckasha Code (God Seed) Shield Technique is, quite simply, an essential personal prerequisite for anyone who wishes to take advantage of this body of material. This CD has been especially prepared to provide the most effective, safe, and accelerated personal transition into Amoraea Flame Body Activation, Shadow Dancer De-cording & Shadow Body Healing. Includes the Maharic Seal - moving into the Eckasha Quick Seal, Dance for Life Technique - 4; High Veca Psonn, Dance for Life Technique - 1 Magic Words of Co-Creation Psonn, Rapid Optical-Pineal Induction of the Iahaia - Lehaia - Ur-Immanu and Eckasha Veca Codes, Emerald & Amethyst Awakening, Eckasha Quick Seal - Technique 1 of Flame Body Activation Techniques.


10-card set of High Veca Meditation Cards. Laminated full color prints.  Includes - Bi-Veca, Tri-Veca, Khu-Veca, Dha-Veca, Rha-Veca, Iahaia, Lehaia, UrimmanU, Eckasha & Shahaia. 

Note: These are 10 of the Meditation Card symbols that you saw in the Amenti Portal Page, or the Amenti Intro Page of this website!


Flame Body Activation & Shadow Healing - The Dance for Freedom "19 Techniques" Sequence. These techniques were translated and provided SPECIFICALLY to support those intending to actively participate in Plan B as covered by The Dance for Life Series - particularly The Dance For Freedom Parts 1 & 2, . Technique 18 is a hard copy only technique and technique 19 makes use of the "Withness Quiz", which is hard copy only. Contents include: T 1: Eckasha Quick Seal Activation; T 2: Astral Awake, Aware & Able; T 3: The Eiros Flame and the Silver Sanctum; T 4: Commanding Silence from the Inner Throne of Power; T 5: Born Free - Live-Free - Shadow Healing Preparation - Releasing Elemental Attachments; T 6: Shadow Shielding - Shadow Healing - Step 1; T 7 Awakening the Flame of Amorea; T 8: Shadow Healing - Step 2 The DNA Amoraea Buffer - Part 1 & 2; T 9 The Cosmic Love Psonn of ManU (Psonns of Lyra & Khem-a-lo-ha-tea); T 10: The "I AM Free" Linguistic Template Reprogramming Power Grid; T 11: Shadow Healing Linguistic Template Reprogramming Power Grid; T 12; Parts 1 & 2 of the Cosmic 12:12:12:12 Initiation, 12a The 12:12 Induction and Rishiac Shield Activation; T 12b "I AM the Sacred Sun" LTR Grid (sung by Rosaleen Tobin); T 13 Shadow Healing - Step 3, De-Cording Shadow Dancers; T 14 Shadow Healing Step 4 - Amoraea Invitational Shadow Body Healing; T 15 Amorea Contact to begin Subtle Emerald Order Contact; T 16 The Gold Wave Monadic Infusion - Veca Code - 8 Reushaia Induction (Part 3A of the Cosmic 12:12 : 12:12 Initiation; T 17 The 11:11 Veca Code - 11 & Parallel Thun-Immanu (Elemental Fluids Template Restructuring Code Induction) - Part 3B of v3 of the Cosmic 12:12 : 12:12 Initiation; T 19 Opening Ecka-Contact Communication Lines - CONTACT 2; T 20 Templar Reuche Code - #12 Induction (FINAL PART 4 OF THE COSMIC 12:12 : 12:12 INITIATION. Specially mixed to incorporate background meditation music gifted to Ashayana/ AP by highly respected NYC musician / composer Laraaji.
Technique 18, the Betcha Hova Scan and the "Withness Self-test" which is a prerequisite for Technique 19 are supplied as a supplement since these are not pre-recordable Techniques.


Third Edition - Updated January 2008 - Book of Sacred Psonns and Invocations. A very valuable tool for all. Be prepared in live workshops or the privacy of your own home with the words to assist in invoking  the Divine Energy of Source from within. 52 pages, combed.

Includes: Dial-Up Sequence ♦ Invocation of the Maharata – Psonn of Lyra ♦ Krystal River Prayer and Invocation ♦ Psonn of Aurora ♦ Declaration of the Maharata ♦ The Ar-IE a Khum-Nar' A (Song of Orion) ♦ I AM Prayer ♦ AM / PM I Am Grids ♦ High Veca Psonn ♦ Magic Words of Co-Creation ♦ Consecration of the Temple ♦ Vow to the Christos Self ♦ The I Am Free Linguistic Template Reprogramming Power Grid ♦ Declaration of Christiac Intention ♦ I AM the Sacred Sun ♦ Psonn of Khem-a-Lo-Ha-Tea  ♦  Eckan Passage Song – Psonn of Ashalum ♦  Gaian Passage Lullaby – Psonn of Jha-Yan ♦  Kantarian Passage ♦ Procyone Requiem – Psonn of Sirius-C ♦  Life’s Illusions – Tara Song – Psonn of Tah-Ra  ♦ The (Mana) – Rain of Rama Song – Psonn of Ur-tha (Earth) ♦ The Um-Shaddh-Eie – Psonn of Eiradonas ♦  The Prayer for Safe Passage to Heaven ♦  Affirmations of Divine Love ♦  12 Attitudes of Mastery ♦ 12 Responsibilities of Mastery ♦  A-Da’-Ma E-TUr-Na Psonn - "Song of the Adama Eternal-Flame" ♦  The 3 Affirmations of Access to the Diamond Doorway ♦  Stage-1 KrystaLA’ Core Command ♦  NaVE – Harmonic Ra shaLAe Ring Tones and Span Tones ♦  Command Tones of the Jesheua Code ~ Aquinas-Aquaelle Activation ♦  Introduction to "SE da" Tonal Geometries

Rosetta Series Posters 5
All 5 of the Rosetta Series Posters plus Wallet Size of Rosetta



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Attitudes of Mastery:             7. ACCOUNTABILITY — Being in a state of TRUTH with the ALL-ONE-ness.

Responsibilities of Mastery: 7. APPRECIATION: Our present society continually teaches us to "want more," "need more," "be more," "do more" etc. We are constantly influenced to perceive what is lacking in order to motivate us to buy more, work more, pay more taxes and be "good little consumer sheep." Very rarely do we stop to think about all that we DO have, beginning with the gift of Life and mental free will choice. Through this disoriented perceptual filter we can cultivate a ‘full-blown’ mutation of mental consciousness. In this mutated consciousness, we begin to believe that "we are entitled," that "someone OWES us" (GOD, the Universe, our parents, spouse, children, employer, government, etc....). Once we fall into this "You OWE me" mind trap, we set ourselves up for continuing self-created frustration, as we place unrealistic and untrue expectations upon life, others and ourselves. We can also often get mighty angry or hurt when we find the universe doesn't conform to our imagined "pictures." No one OWES us anything! If we feel we are "owed," then we are entertaining LACK CONSCIOUSNESS and a void within the Self is being recognized. If we give to another in order to RECEIVE for ourselves (such as do banks, and often parents, spouses or lovers), and the other does not "pay back" what we expected to receive, we may feel cheated, "taken advantage of," or "owed." In fact, these situations often emerge in our lives as lessons to teach us that giving should be done for the GIVING ALONE, and not for the expected return. If we give what we desire to give, for the joy of giving, we do not feel owed. If we live for the joy of living, without forcing our demands or expectations upon life, we will not feel that "life has short changed us!" It matters not what your neighbor possesses, because in comparing ourselves to each other to see how we "measure up" to each other, we are in effect, continually being distracted from seeing and utilizing the blessings that are our own. If we can work to cultivate the ability to APPRECIATE even the smallest of gifts, blessings and gestures, we will begin to create a life that is at least “half full” instead of “half empty.” In terms of universal physics, what you focus your attention upon expands, what you resist persists and what you do not give the energy of appreciation to will eventually de-manifest right out of your experience. When you approach the world through the chosen filter of genuine GIVING, you are in effect, being an “electrical transmitter,” sending energy out to the world around you. When you release electrical energy in this way, you become more “magnetic,” as the sending out of energy creates magnetic vortices within the Diodic Grid of your Kathara anatomy. The "magnetized" Diodic points then draw in more universal energy supply, at a higher frequency and quality than the expressed energy, to re-fill the energy void created by the "giving." When you approach the world with the attitude of "getting," this natural physics process becomes inverted. The more you try to "pull" energy from the outside world, the more your energy becomes "stuck" in the Diodic Grid as miasms. The miasms progressively reduce the quantity and lower the frequency of the natural energies you can internally draw from the universal supply. Giving, even in its simplest form of giving appreciation, keeps the natural energy flow moving. Whatever you give out will return to you amplified. This also works in reverse, however, and giving out a bad attitude of ego, arrogance and “garbage” will cause more of the same to flow your way. Appreciate what you have. LOVE IT, find perspectives through which the joy of it can be known, and know that in the act of genuine appreciation itself, you will set loose the powers of manifesting more of what you desire and less of the illusion of lack. The "Universe Owes Me" mind trip is one of the most powerful self-sabotage games in the world. Trade it in for consistent appreciation and your world will progressively expand to hold the reality of the things you most desire. If you feel put upon by the world, and resentful for having your desires unmet, YOU OWE YOURSELF SOMETHING! You owe yourself a greater understanding of the nature of creation and better use of your personal power within the life creation game. SAY THANK YOU to the GOD SOURCE more often…to help yourself remember what things you have to appreciate, and many more of the kind will be sent along your way.