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Global Outreach Projects prepare and connect people to the keystone teaching of the Freedom Teachings material which is called KATHARA.

Below is an introduction to the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System™.



The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System is the keystone teaching at the center of a huge body of material, all generically known as the "Freedom Teachings." These are all translated (not channeled) from Pre-Ancient, Pre-Atlantean, "Law of One" Maharata Texts, traces of which appear in various forms within many popular paradigms associated with "Ascension", "Merkaba", "Healing" and Personal-Spiritual "Empowerment."

The tangible difference between popular paradigms & Kathara is the self-evident, and utterly profound, sense of depth, breadth, and sheer "rightness" that the materials inherently demonstrate; & to a degree truly beyond comparison. So much so, that the immense new scope is now available to develop evermore robust patterns for dramatic personal healing, growth & consciousness expansion.

Kathara reveals the Anatomy of Creation, Core Structure, the blueprints & interconnectedness of all matter forms reaching far beyond the framework of all other holistic Healing Modalities while still embracing them fully.

The Kathara Framework enables the Core Programming Center of all life & all life conditions, to be directly accessed, to provide restoration, revitalization & regeneration of the natural, Divine, imprint for health.

The word KATHARA (KA-Light, THA-Sound, RA-One) refers to the Core Structure of Morphogenetic Fields the Holographic Templates of Sound-Light & Scalar Waves that serve as the blueprints on which matter manifests. Other energetic holistic systems utilize various "different" levels of the morphogenetic field, from the Chakras & bio-energetic Auric field, to Meridians & Axiom A & B tonal lines, to facilitate healing limited only to the level of the blueprints of physical form.

KATHARA is the ONLY system that transcends the limitations of existing healing modalities & inherently narrow understanding of anatomy, by entering the depths of the Programming Center of Morphogenetic Core - the KATHARA GRID.


The KATHARA GRID is the CAUSAL FACTOR beneath all manifestations of physicality in all Dimensional expression; thus all forms of consciousness & consciousness integration-expansion too!


The KATHARA GRID is, therefore, the foundation on which the Axiom Grids, Merkaba Fields, Auric Field Levels, Subtle Bodies, Chakras, Meridian Lines, physical matter systems and Multi-dimensional Levels of Consciousness manifest.

The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System provides direct access to the intrinsic, core basis, original causal condition of dis-ease & its myriad manifest forms. all original core, conditions are manifest as electro - tonal -scalar programs of "FIRE LETTERS & GEOMANTIC CODES" (which function as Scalar Wave Guides).

Fire Letters & Geomantic Codes direct the formation & operation of the morpho-genetic fields &, thus every kind of being is built upon them.

The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System is a 12-Level Professional Healing Certificate & Healing System sponsored by the Institute for Keylontic Science & the Azurite Press of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order.

Level 1 Kathara was released to entrain the (re)anchoring of the D-12 (Dimension 12) Maharata-Christos frequencies (template for the Divine Blueprint); the first time since 210,000BC, on 01-01-2000. Levels 2 & 3 were presented first during April 2004, tracking the "Path of Healing Potentials" into the critical 2012-2017 period.

Kathara Embraces & Amplifies All Other Healing Modalities

As Kathara healing works with the core of manifest structure, it is highly compatible with all other Holistic, Traditional and Spiritual Healing systems,  serving to amplify, intensify & harmonize the beneficial effects of multiple healing system combinations.

However, where numbered dimensional structure is held to be critical to the modality, some practitioners may suppose, initially, that compatibility may be more limited than is in fact the case. Many Energetic Healing Systems that employ the framework of numbered dimensional structure do not fully acknowledge the intrinsic morphogenetic structure of the dimensional framework itself & therefore often confuse dimensional sub-harmonics and sub-frequency bands as full dimensional spectra.

Appreciation of Unified Field Structure & full ordering and relationship of Dimensions, within the set Universal Dimensional Scale dispels such confusion, allowing the practitioner a more accurate & precise system of frequency identification & application.

For this reason, basic structural analysis of the Unified Field of Energy/Consciousness is provided as an introductory aspect of Kathara. Modalities using variations of the dimensional spectra can be translated into the intrinsic Universal Morphogenetic Dimensional Scale used in Kathara and thus healing systems based on different numbering systems can be easily, & beneficially, adapted.

The Unified Energy Field is the "Theatre of Oneness", the very framework of all creation; & thus, can be the only context within which meaningful healing can occur. So Class begins here, in depth & detail. This central plank expands to reveal the specific structural relationships between each aspect of multidimensional human anatomy & consciousness by exploring, again in depth & detail, the nature & significance of: the Kathara Grid, Axiom Lines, Merkaba Fields, Subtle Bodies, Chakras, DNA, Meridians, Kundalini, levels of consciousness & physical/spiritual body relationships.

As applied expressions of Oneness are expanded, formerly secret &, immensely profound aspects of healing inherent to the personal & planetary bio-energetic fields are revealed, utilizing Geomancies to activate the Planetary Bio-feed Interface System (PBIS), reawakening the Maharic Shield & Resetting the Organic Imprint for Health (held in the "higher' Planetary Templates).

The flow moves ever deeper, into the Morphogenetic Re-patterning & Multi-level Techniques for restructuring damaged areas of the morphogenetic blueprint, on which the body systems & embodied consciousness manifests.

Kathara Level-1, proceeds next to expose the true nature, and mechanical properties of "Karma" & and it's energetic Multi-dimensional incarnate characteristics encoded within the Kathara Grid & Genetic Time Codes of the DNA Template.

This process of progressive direct healing, called "Multi-Vector Holographic Recoding" will reveal the immense significance of activating the 12 Dormant Fire Codes of the DNA Template, the role of the Maharic Shield & equally significant, reciprocal release of Star Crystal Seals & Cranial-Sacral Kundalini Seals, activation of Merkaba Phases, merger of "Light Bodies" (Hova Bodies) & meaningful embodiment of higher dimensional, Spiritual aspects, of conscious awareness.

The fully integrated sequence, above, is called the "Maharic Recording Process" a process of Whole-Being Healing in the literal context of Oneness, the Divine Blueprint and natural, organic Christos (re)alignment.

Kathara represents not only a unique source of awesome data, but also the Gateway to an unprecedented array of powerful (new) pre-ancient tools. Kathara Level-1 Techniques feature the Maharic Seal (see below), & also, discovery of the 4 Primary Triadic Healing Currents which is most profound, since the Technique reveals  the means by which "Light Bodies" (Hova Bodies) can be utilize to access specific combinations of higher dimensional frequencies (significantly more so than existing modalities) to facilitate inter-dimensional skill, and power, in healing, for self & others, producing Co-generative Healing of the very finest.


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Attitudes of Mastery:             8. IMPECCABILITY — Upholding and Protecting the ALL-ONE-ness.

Responsibilities of Mastery:  8. PATIENCE: God Source has its own schedule! We can either acknowledge this intrinsic reality of manifestation and choose to work co-creatively with the God-Source within, trusting that together you and the universe will create the perfect "Divine Right Timing" (and if that isn't "Right NOW," there IS a very good reason for this), or you can let the ego-self try to force its will upon the intrinsic nature of time. If time does not cooperate with your expectations, you can "let that be OK, and trust in Divine Right Timing" or you can progressively frustrate yourself with attachment to the artificial time of clocks, and choose to believe that you cannot have what you desire just because it does not appear when you demand. If we learn to relax, and realize that most things we desire we can indeed achieve in Divine Right Time and Order, we can learn to work co-creatively with the consciousness of time. We will often then find that our lives will progressively better conform to our wishes, especially when we ask nicely rather than DEMAND, and also when we trust the universal God-Source to do its part in our co-creation. Patience is a virtue that reflects our comprehension of the nature of Universal Order.