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E-BE Course

E-BE Project consists of 3 separate workshops of Azurite Press:

1) Evolutionary Path of Human Consciousness
2) Beyond the Veils
3) Entering the 5th World

The Evolutionary Path of Human Consciousness

This workshop explores, in depth, how ”God is both scientific and spiritual.” The point where science and spirituality come together is Consciousness, and there is a ”road map” to understanding the play of Consciousness throughout Creation.

This Consciousness is not remote from us, and we are encouraged to imagine what it would be like to “think as God” and then to realize that the God-mind is reflected and expressed within every aspect of our consciousness, including our physical bodies. We are all expressions of God walking around looking at Itself!

This subject is explored in a way that forms a tangible link between the structures of Creation as presented in Keylontic Science and our personal, internalized life experience. Images from everyday life, such as the concept of eggs within eggs, are used to illustrate the concepts and to “anchor” our understanding of spirituality in the “here and now.”

Other topics explored within this context of the living reality of Oneness include discussions of the necessity for integration of the mental body, plus an explanation of the name Melchizedek and the Melchizedek Cloister Ordinations.

Beyond the Veils

The Perceptual Veils and false idea filters through which we have been taught to interpret and conduct our lives have, for many thousands of years, blocked our remembering of our Eternal Selves. We have a choice to define ourselves by limitation, or to KNOW ourselves through embracing our intrinsic Eternal nature.

In this workshop we explore perspectives through which the BELIEFS that block us from expressing our Eternal Selves can be healed, so that the original integrity of our Majesty of Being can be once again made manifest. We may have to re-perceive old paradigms, and realize that God and Eternal Self will connect directly with us through the inner pathways of Consciousness inherent to our Being.

The workshop includes several beautiful exercises and guided meditations that assist us in healing our emotional bodies. These include a profound exploration and healing of the origin of the patterns of self-destruction, self-loathing, perfectionism, the fear of letting go and “not being good enough,” all of which are prevalent among Indigos and Angelic Humans.

The workshop also explores the Fetal Integration and Near-Death-Experience Processes, thus opening the doorways between our Conscious Self and our Eternal Self.      

Entering the Fifth World

This workshop gives an overview of what it means to be entering the 5th World, a symbol for the Rebirth of our Race. The 5th World has been referred to in Native American Teachings signifying the different time periods through which our cultures will evolve.  

There is information on the Stellar Activation Cycle, a highly significant “turning point” in our evolution and a time when it is critical for us to regain our knowledge, memory and positions as the Guardians and Keepers of the Planetary Templar (energy system).

To highlight the significance of our contemporary drama and assist us in understanding what is taking place “behind the scenes,” this workshop gives a very clear and succinct account of our Race history, which has led to this time.  

As we come to understand and acknowledge our intrinsic power as Divine Beings, we will also come to recognize the reason we chose to incarnate at this critical time in our Race evolution. 

This workshop also includes discussions on Indigo Children, DNA Strand Activation and Self-empowerment (our main contribution as we enter the 5th World).





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