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The Source Material for the E-BE Project consists of 3 separate workshops by the Azurite Press:

1) Evolutionary Path of Human Consciousness
2) Beyond the Veils
3) Entering the 5th World

If you would like to buy the E-BE DVDs please choose from one of the following choices depending on where you live:




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Six Steps Toward Joy:                       4. Choose Your Response: ACT rather than REACT. We can change how we feel in any moment by changing our judgments of a situation. Take time to re-perceive circumstances of upset and reframe our judgments in search of the hidden gifts and potentials. In any moment we can CHOOSE how we will respond. How can I reframe this, and what is the best way to respond for joy?

Six Steps Toward Joy With Others:  4. Be Effective: Having to be “right” implies making others “wrong” and sets the stage for conflict. Is being “right” more important than creating desired outcomes? Being EFFECTIVE is finding win-win solutions, respecting the rights of all to be exactly who and how they are, even if you disagree. If you do not respect each others’ boundaries and own your own stuff, you will be unable to create mutuality or effective solutions. If others need to make you wrong, recognize the ego game and refrain from engaging. You do not have to justify your existence to others and they do not have to justify their existence to you. Am I trying to make someone wrong? Is someone trying to make me wrong? Are we respecting each other’s boundaries and right to be? Can I engage this with effective action?

(Taken from Angelic Realities handbook, pages 78-80. ©)