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Six Steps Toward Joy:                       5. Experience Stillness—Know Silence: Sit quietly, breath slowly and deeply, cease mind chatter and hold body as still as possible; block out or remove distracting stimuli. Bring attention to a Single Point of Focus and experience NO-Thing. Discover the Still Point of your Eternal Core. Shhhh.

Six Steps Toward Joy With Others:  5. Responsibility: If we take responsibility for our words, actions, motives and experiences, we will not blame others for our problems and thus empower ourselves to solve them. Self-awareness comes from gently critiquing ourselves to determine where our actions are violating others or are ineffective. Replace blame with compassion, humility and effective action to reclaim your power to create joy. Am I acting responsibly or am I blaming others? Am I allowing others to use blame as a way to control or manipulate me? How can I take responsible action in handling my “stuff?”

(Taken from Angelic Realities handbook, pages 78-80. ©)