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The Techniques file below is a condensed summary of the energy exercises (similar to guided meditations) that are recommended for the E-BE Project. It follows the Suggested Technique Sequence as mentioned on the Azurite Press website. Please refer to
for details corresponding to this file.

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Six Steps Toward Joy:                          2. Be Here NOW: Direct thoughts out of the past and away from the future to the ever-present NOW. Observe without judgment what IS….NOW. Am I right here, right now?

Six Steps Toward Joy With Others:  2. Respect Boundaries: Set and honor healthy personal boundaries and kindly but assertively remind others that you will not have them crossed. Respect others’ boundaries, and refrain from acts of disrespect such as gossip, unsolicited advice, critiquing and judging, making assumptions and presumptions, minding their business, attempting to directly or indirectly control their actions, attitudes or emotions. Respect people’s right to be who they are, and respect your own right to have and uphold personal boundaries. Am I genuinely respecting the boundaries of others? Am I allowing my boundaries to be violated? What actions can I take to change this?

(Taken from Angelic Realities handbook, pages 78-80. ©)