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Special thanks to all the beloved souls who have signed up to be the Study Group Leaders across the globe. Without them, there wouldn't be a Global Outreach Project. To see their names, please click on "Global Leaders List" on the left side.

Also, special thanks to these beloved souls who have contributed to the manifestation of this 4th Global Outreach Project: (in alphabetical order)

Anne Dake, Georgi Hale, Henry Pietkiewicz, Jared Mulhair, JosE'yana, Lelia Oosterhuis, Mei Ling, Mhyrianna Eshaya Root, Pauline, PegE Elam, Petra Fellows, Phil Crowley, Richard Kent, Rosaleen Tobin, Sandy West, Sue Ellen Perryman, Susan Wadsworth, and Vincent Lizotte.

Last but not least, special thanks to beloved speakers for guiding and overseeing this entire project.

With Loving Regards and thanks to all, including those contributors whose names have not been mentioned here,
Sasan Banava, Project Coordinator




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